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Click the 'Book Now!' to register your dog with Scallywags, sign-up for online booking, or to book your pooch in for daycare! We offer a $15 Trial Day for all new customers!

Trial Days

We have 3 Trial Day spots every day :) - these are designed to get your dog slotting in to daycare as seamlessly as possible! Coming in nice and early on these trial days also allows our team some time in the morning to get to know them, and for them to acclimatise to our space.


Our time slots for Trials, which must be booked, are 7am, 7.15am and 7.30am. Once you have filled out your New Client online form please give us a text or a call to book your time slot and to tell us a bit more about about dog and their needs!

Once dogs have passed their Trial Day they are welcome to come any time before 11am!

Dogs that come for a Trial after 7.30 will be charged full price as the process for gently introducing dogs is much more involved when all the established dogs are already in the building.

Please note: We take puppies as young as 17 weeks of age (or 10 days after the vaccine they have at roughly 16 weeks old) to ensure optimum safety of all dogs inside the daycare. If you are looking for socialisation for your puppy before this please get in touch with us about Puppy Classes

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